DPRTE 2018: Getting your product to the defence market

The defence sector relies heavily on technology and innovation to develop new solutions to meet the challenges it is facing; however, bringing a new product or service to the market can be daunting if you don’t know how.

The MOD has committed 1.2% of the rising £36bn defence budget, supported by a dedicated £800m Innovation Fund, to cutting-edge science and technology.

The Innovation Zone at DPRTE 2018 will provide attendees with the opportunity to meet with key organisations who can help and advise on potential funding options and bringing products / services to the market within a science and technology programme worth over £400 million a year.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) are just one of the organisations participating within DPRTE 2018’s Innovation Zone.

Dstl brings together the defence and security Science and technology community, including industry, academia, wider government and international partners, to provide sensitive and specialist science and technology services to the Ministry of Defence and wider government.

As an executive agency of MOD, Dstl is run along commercial lines and is one of the principal government organisations dedicated to science and technology in the defence and security field.

60% of MOD’s science and technology programme’s total £410 million funding is supplied by Dstl’s external partners in industry and academia worldwide.

The Defence Science and Accelerator (DASA), also an official partner at DPRTE 2018, is part of Dstl. DASA is keen to reach out to non-traditional suppliers who may be unsure on how to gain access to the defence and security sectors.

One way that DASA is attempting to make it as easy as possible for companies to engage with the process is the Open Call for Innovation.

Dr Lucy Mason, Head of DASA, explains: “The Open Call for Innovation is a catch-all competition for any interesting idea that comes in. It’s not all about the science and technology either – we are interested in anything that helps defence and security.”

Since its launch in December 2016, DASA has assessed over 700 proposals from more than 400 organisations.

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