14 Aug 2019

DIO supports RAF Lakenheath construction of US forces facilities

DIO is expanding RAF Lakenheath construction to include facilities for visiting US security forces.

RAF Lakenheath construction ahead of the arrival of F35 aircraft is being expanded to include new space for United States Visiting Forces (USVF) security forces. The initial work will upgrade the existing office building to provide a new Security Forces Operational Facility.

This will include a Guard Mount, Day Armory, and support, command, and administration offices. The new design will cover 2,200m² over three floors and construction is expected to be finished by Summer 2020.

Lt. Col. Kevin Eberhart, 48 Security Forces Squadron commander said: “Improving the work environment for our military and civilian personnel is also about ensuring we are ready to execute the mission and meet future demands.”

“This centralized facility will do just that and will help strengthen collaborative relationships within the squadron. As we work to modernize facilities for our Defenders, we appreciate the working relationship we have with our partners.”

Ken Withers, DIO Project Manager, said: “This is a really important project which will create a more efficient and effective security operation for the base.”

“We are using highly advanced technology in the build and re-using existing infrastructure where possible. This means that the project is not only technically advanced but remains cost effective with a reduced carbon footprint.”

The £4.269million contract for the work was awarded to Henry Brothers and the design was created to include disability access and to be environmentally friendly. The ongoing work at the base also includes new hangars for F35 aircraft as well as maintenance buildings and supporting accommodation and offices ahead of the jet’s arrival in the country.

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