11 Oct 2017

Defence Secretary sees war fighting capability display

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has been given a demonstration of war fighting capability by soldiers of 3 (UK) Division at Larkhill.

The Division has strong links with NATO partners and with European military allies in particular. It has at its disposal a range of modern equipment to deal with high-intensity conflict; some of which was on display for the Defence Secretary’s visit, including unmanned aircraft, heavy artillery systems, battlefield radar, and Army helicopters.

During the visit to Larkhill, the Defence Secretary also saw the Jackal, a reconnaissance vehicle which can move up to 800 km in front of the Division, to allow its highly trained crew to engage with the local population or locate enemy forces. These vehicles are currently in use and supporting NATO’s enhanced forward presence in Estonia and Poland. This deployment is part of a wider package of initiatives designed to enhance Euro-Atlantic security, reassure our Allies and deter our adversaries.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “We remain resolute in defending the security of our country and the security of our allies in the face of growing threats.

“Thanks to cutting edge kit and the most effective soldiers in world, 3 Division are the front line, an integral part of our modern deterrence.

“The troops training today provide the mass to our war-fighting capability – if the trip wire is triggered they will respond, able to deploy quickly and anywhere in the world.”

image © Crown Copyright

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