11 Jul 2019

Defence Secretary attends Defence Ministerial at NATO

Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt attended a NATO Defence Ministerial to speak about the UK’s contribution to NATO goals.

In her address to NATO’s Defence Ministerial Penny Mordaunt spoke about the UK’s involvement in missions and an overall commitment to European security. She spoke about Russia’s non-compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the need for NATO to establish ‘international order’.

She listed UK involvement with current NATO missions including policing airspace over the Baltic and fighting piracy. The UK has also offered its F-35 jets and the HMS Queen Elizabeth for future readiness initiatives.

Penny Mordaunt said: “Deterrence is better than intervention. But defending democracy, values and each other costs. It requires world leading defence equipment and capabilities and involves contributing to operations.”

“As Allies, we all need to honour our commitment to invest 2% of GDP in defence so that we can collectively maintain the security of the one billion people that NATO protects. The UK has and always will continue to meet this commitment.”

“The lasting impression from meeting my counterparts was how 29 Ministers, from different countries and backgrounds, united in interests and values, can take shared action on some of the world’s most difficult issues. In an uncertain world, it is vital to have Allies that you can rely on.”

NATO leaders will be hosted in London later this year for the Summit of Allied Leaders to mark its 70th anniversary. Recently Penny Mordaunt attended her first Defence Minister’s meeting at NATO which analysed current challenges facing defence and how it is adapting to modern technology.

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