05 Sep 2016

Defence Online has now launched


Defence Online, in partnership with Defence Contracts Online, are pleased to announce the launch of their new website!

Defence Online is one of the fastest-growing communities of key decision makers representing defence sector buyers and influencers within the Ministry of Defence, Prime Contractors and Industry.

Providing up-to-date and informative news, insight and intelligence, Defence Online allows organisations to engage directly with a range of sector-based solutions, designed specifically to enhance your knowledge and understanding of this ever-evolving marketplace.

Defence Online also offers a unique opportunity for you to engage with your marketplace, offering a range of marketing platforms which allows you to immerse yourself in the defence community through Webinars, Web Advertising and Stakeholder Pages along with many other marketing solutions and bespoke packages to suit your needs.

To take advantage of your free subscription and weekly Defence Online newsletter, sign up today or contact Defence Online on 01257 231900 for more information.