21 Nov 2017

Defence National Training Service contract supplier briefing

6 December 2017 (10.30-12.30)

Conference Rm 4/5, Tidworth Garrison Theatre, St Andrews Road,

TIDWORTH, Wiltshire SP 7EP


The Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) Future Defence Infrastructure Services (FDIS) programme will be hosting a briefing event to discuss plans for the procurement of the National Training Service contract. Procurement will be initiated in early 2018, through the Crown Commercial Service’s FM Marketplace framework, to replace the current contractual arrangement which is due to end on 31 October 2019.

DIO plays a vital role in supporting Defence by leading and managing the delivery of what the Armed Forces need to live, work, train and deploy on operations. We advise, buy, manage and assure the delivery of infrastructure services across the Defence Estate in an affordable and sustainable way. The MOD is one of the largest landowners in the UK, owning a diverse estate measuring nearly 230,000 hectares, and holds rights over a further 222,000 hectares. This represents around 1.8% of the total UK landmass.

The Training Estate provides various facilities for military training, including areas for driving military vehicles such as tanks and armoured vehicles, areas for infantry manoeuvres and areas for artillery firing. It is primarily used by the Army, but also used by other services, such as the Royal Marines practising landings or infantry training or the Royal Air Force using air weapons ranges to practise firing from the air. The rural estate is predominantly open country, much of which is designated as environmentally sensitive and therefore requires specialist management and expertise.

The scope of the National Training Service contract will include the provision of services required to enable the delivery of training events, including the administration of the allocation training areas and ranges.

Please note that, due to space restrictions, we may need to limit the number of representatives per organisation.

If you are interested in attending, please email Rebecca Eschoe (Rebecca.Eschoe100@mod.uk) no later than midday on 30 November 2017


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