22 May 2018

Defence Minister launches new military ‘FireDragon’ fuel production line

Defence Minister Guto Bebb has officially launched a brand-new production line for the world’s first solid bio-ethanol fuel, FireDragon.

FireDragon, produced by Cardiff-based survival equipment manufacturers BCB International Ltd, is a pioneering new fuel used by British troops in-the-field to heat their combat rations, where regular catering facilities does not exist. Almost eight million of the tablets have now been supplied to the British Army.

Unlike alternative fuel tablets, FireDragon gives off no potentially harmful noxious fumes. It burns cleanly, is non-toxic and is made from sustainable natural ingredients.

The MOD’s contract with the Welsh manufacturer has an estimated value of £3.6 million, with the company supplying stoves and fuels to service personnel. The deal reinforces the department’s industrial commitment to companies around the UK, as well as the environment.

Fifteen new jobs will be created as a result of the £750,000 production line.

Defence Minister Guto Bebb said: “From fighter jets to fuel rations, it is essential that our troops have the best kit possible. FireDragon sees our armed forces benefit from a cleaner, safer and more sustainable fuel source.

“BCB International has 164 years of industry experience in survival equipment, and this new production line will ensure the company can meet growing demand and continue to expand its workforce in the years ahead.”

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