25 Mar 2021

Defence in a competitive age: How much is the MOD spending?

The UK government has outlined its defence strategy for the next ten years through its Defence Review.

The Defence Review, ‘Defence in a competitive age’, reveals how the Ministry of Defence plans to tackle modern challenges and will target areas such as cyber, space, robotics and digital connectivity.

The UK Armed Forces will become a threat-focussed integrated force with a continued shift in thinking across land, sea, air, space and cyber domains.


How much is the MOD spending?

The Defence Review states that the MOD will spend over £85-billion on equipment over the next four years to allow the Armed Forces to adapt, compete effectively, and fight decisively when needed. This will support 400,000 jobs across all four nations of the UK.

The report also revealed that the British Army will receive an additional £3-billion on new vehicles, long-range rocket systems, air defences, drones, electronic warfare and cyber capabilities.

£6.6-billion will be invested into research and development projects, helping to provide a strategic advantage that, facilitated with science, will lead to cutting-edge equipment capabilities. £60-million over the next four years will be used to develop a programme to develop novel weapons, artificial intelligence, synthetic/digital systems and space-based capabilities. Further to this, £500-million will be invested in capabilities to enable our forces to respond in a growingly contested electromagnetic environment.

The UK will also enhance its global outlook with an investment in overseas training and will add to its Defence Attaché network which supports our integration with allies and overseas partners.

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said:

“This Defence Command Paper ensures our armed forces are threat-focused, modernised and financially sustainable. Our military will be ready to confront future challenges, seize new opportunities for Global Britain and lay the foundations of a more secure and prosperous Union.

“We will continue to work with allied partners to address future global security threats whilst also enhancing critical outputs in the battlespace domains.

“Our people and their expertise are at the heart of what we do and further investments into training, welfare and support facilities will be reflective of this and ensure our armed forces are well equipped to face tomorrow’s threats today.”


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