23 May 2019

DASA launches funding for aircrew protection innovation

DASA along with DSTL has launched a fund for projects that provide innovative new options for aircrew protection.

Dstl and DASA are seeking to research and develop new and innovative designs to safely enhance aircrew protection and performance. They are looking for ideas which provide security in hostile flight and ground environments using Aircrew Equipment Assemblies (AEA).

AEAs include aircrew helmets,
glasses, flying coveralls, immersion suits, anti-g suits, lifejackets, body
armour, boots, gloves, protective undergarments and oxygen masks. DASA is
looking for ideas that best sustain, enhance or augment aircrew cognitive
and/or physical performance.

DASA and DSTL are looking for the
following in ideas submitted for funding:

  • Protection from cockpit and external environment, and optimising aircrew performance.
  • Improvement in life support systems. 
  • Innovations in aircraft emergency escape systems (in air and on ground). 

They are looking for entries that address one or more of the issues mentioned, from experienced organisations. They have stated that they are not looking for studies or reviews and that since it is not a competition ideas do not need to be costed.

Submissions can be entered by completing the  DASA Capability Submission Form – Innovation in Aircrew Protection (MS Word Document, 887KB) (noting the word limits) and then emailing it to accelerator@dstl.gov.uk by 26 June 2019 with Aircrew Protection in the subject line. Submissions will be assessed for interest in particular areas of innovation and entrants will be put in contact with regional DASA organisations to develop products.

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