31 Jul 2019

DASA expected to launch second phase of advanced materials competition

DASA is expected to launch the second phase of ‘A Joint Effort’ seeking advanced materials for military use.

Phase 2 of ‘A Joint Effort’, led by DASA, is expected to launch later this year, seeking innovation in advanced materials for military use with funding from the UK and Australia. The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and the Next Generation Technologies Fund competition aims to find uses for modern materials and designs in military platforms in sea, land, and air.

Phase 1 of the competition launched in November last year and is a collaboration between the UK (Materials for Strategic Advantage programme within the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) and Australia (Defence Science and Technology Group, Next Generation Technology Fund and Small Business Innovation Research for Defence). Materials in scope for the competition include metals, polymers, ceramics, and combinations of composites.

Potential innovations should have improved materials through one of the following techniques:

  • improved performance through the use of new material combinations or structural designs
  • improved durability of structures through better joints
  • improved ability to maintain joints through the life of the military platform.

In the second phase, DASA is encouraging suppliers to work together on bids. A LinkedIn group will be set up to encourage new applicants and allow current suppliers to enter phase 2.

Material innovations expected include adhesives for structural joining, high-temperature structures, and improving armour systems. Entries should include evidence of how the idea builds on current published or open knowledge, a clear description of the benefits, and involve a material science or engineering approach.

In phase 2, successful bidders from the first phase of a Joint Effort will be encouraged to collaborate to strengthen ideas. In phase 1, there was £500,000 or A$900,000 in funding available for successful ideas and it is expected that additional funding will be available in future phases from participating organisations in both the UK and Australia.

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