25 Jul 2019

Cyber defence facility opened at US Air Force base

A cyber defence facility has been officially opened at Wright-Patterson Air Force base in the US.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the new cyber defence facility with the Cycle Management Center’s Fighters and Bombers Directorate officially opening the defence centre at the Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio. The $1.5million facility will protect weapons systems and Air Force fighters and bombers from cyber threats and repair vulnerabilities in cyber networks.

The Air Force is aiming to provide infrastructure, processes, and new capabilities that can tackle the threat of cyber attacks on weapons systems. Part of their strategy is to form partnerships which improve cybersecurity and remove communication barriers.

Brig. Gen. Heath Collins, Fighters and Bombers, program executive officer said: “We are in an age where we have a very sophisticated threat and an adversary that is really trying to get into all of our systems. This facility is absolutely going to be at the core of how we protect our systems moving forward.”

Joseph Bradley, Director of the Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapons Systems (CROWS) said: “Construction of this facility is a key component of the CROWS mission to increase the cyber resiliency of Air Force weapon systems and maintain mission effective capability. It will improve communication, collaboration and allow us to better resolve problems.”

The facility comes as part of the Air Force’s partnership with CROWS which provided consultation and funding for the project. The new centre will provide a collaborative workspace to help staff understand emerging threats and how to tackle them.

CROWS plans to create similar facilities across the US DOD in the near future. The main goal is to improve the resilience of all weapons systems across the armed forces.

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