16 Sep 2019

British Army launches Army Warfighting Experiment with DE&S

The British Army, in partnership with DE&S, has launched the latest Army Warfighting Experiment to test new technology.

The ongoing Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) has been launched again by the British Army in partnership with Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) to try out new technology and provide feedback on equipment. New prototypes of equipment will be tried out to determine their value to operations in the short and long term.

The new experiment, AWE20, aims to analyse battle headquarters including deployable infrastructure, decision support, data aggregation, HQ resilience, and analytics. The Army hopes to surpass AWE18 in scale, which saw 50 companies working with DE&S to show their products to the MOD.

AWE hopes to:

  • engage with industry technology providers of all sizes to explore what innovative approaches to traditional issues can be leveraged to give the army a competitive edge
  • expose capability and knowledge gaps
  • explore technology ready for rapid exploitation
  • create a community of industry partners that will encourage a collaborative approach to problem solving

AWE20 seeks to answer the following questions:

How can technology:

  • improve data exploitation for situational awareness and understanding
  • enable the MOD to make faster and better-informed decisions
  • reduce the detectability and improve the resilience and agility of HQs at all levels in order to enhance their survivability
  • enable more efficient deployment and employment of HQs on operations
  • improve command on the move and facilitate dispersed HQs

More information on the experiment is available on the British Army website. Requirements to provide technology can be found on the government website.

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