13 Sep 2018

Boeing award MQ-25 Stingray engine contract to Rolls-Royce

Having recently won the coveted US Navy MQ-25 Stingray contract, Boeing has now hired Rolls-Royce to provide the engines that will one day power the unmanned, carrier-based aerial refueler through the skies.

Previously, the US Navy announced that its much anticipated $805 million MQ-25A engineering and manufacturing contract would be carried out by Boeing. The MQ-25 is designed to outfit the US Navy with much-needed refuelling capabilities and extend the range of all carrier-based combat aircraft.

Each of the four MQ-25 aircraft currently under construction will be powered by a single Rolls-Royce AE 3007N engine, manufactured in Indianapolis. The AE 3007N is the latest variant of the Rolls-Royce AE family of engines, providing more than 10,000 lbs of thrust along with additional electrical power to the aircraft.

Jarrett Jones, Executive Vice President of Customer Business, Government Relations and Sales at Rolls-Royce, said: “Congratulations to Boeing for being selected to develop this historic aircraft in support of the US Navy. For Rolls-Royce, it will expand our UAV expertise with unmanned aircraft in the US Navy fleet, which includes the Triton and Fire Scout aircraft.”

AE engines already power aircraft for the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and a variety of military and civilian aircraft in service across the globe. To date, Rolls-Royce has delivered nearly 7,000 AE engines from the organisation’s advanced manufacturing facility in Indianapolis.

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