12 Feb 2018

BCB International launch body armour

A flame resistant and quick drying plate carrier designed for Marine Special Forces called the ‘Kastell Pro Aqua’ has been launched by personal survival and protective equipment company BCB International Ltd.

The Kastell Pro Aqua is the latest addition to their range of military apparel.

As the company’s spokesperson, Philippe Minchin, explained the Kastell Pro Aqua, was designed specifically for end users whose missions include beach landings, river crossings and vessel boardings: “The Kastell Pro Aqua is a modular plater carrier for amphibious special forces that we crafted using Flame resistant and quick drying materials. 

“It has some novel features which will increase the comfort and ease of use for the wearers.  Unlike standard MOLLE webbing, its patented MOLLE apertures minimise disruption to the camouflage pattern of the vest’s fabric and renders the vest more breathable, cooler and allows for quicker water draining.  Sewn into the vest is a quad quick release system that can be activated in five seconds and clipped back together in twenty seconds.  The release system can be a lifesaver when quick emergency medical treatment and tactical extraction are required.

“The Kastell Pro Aqua is equipped with modular cummerbunds that possess adjustment T Bars that can move the cummerbunds onto the next MOLLE strap or attach them on the outside of the vest for a snugger fit.  An extremely durable waterproof liner coupled with a special configuration of spacer pads maximize comfort, air flow and moisture management. The Kastell Pro Aqua can also be supplied with removable groin and coccyx protectors.”

Mr. Minchin went on to confirm that the Kastell Pro Aqua is undergoing advanced trials and evaluations with a European Special Forces Unit.

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