02 Apr 2019

Balfour Beatty to modernise US military housing

A new collaborative building project will allow US army personnel to give feedback on military housing.

Balfour Beatty announced a project that will allow military personnel to provide feedback on military housing throughout the development stage to ensure it meets their needs. Selected community members will communicate with Balfour Beatty to provide insight on the layout, amenities, aesthetics, and construction is coherent with the needs of military residents.

The program was recently used at Cannon Family homes in New Mexico, which delivered 677 new homes and renovations for residents as well as at Fort Carson. Balfour Beatty completed construction based on the input of residents in the area.

Mark Lavin, Senior Vice President of Project Management and Development for Balfour Beatty Communities, said: “Our mission is to provide housing military residents want to live in, not have to live in, and ging them a voice in the development process helps us achieve that.”

“The collaborative building approach gives our residents the opportunity to tell us what they’re looking for in new developments and constructions, as well as the indoor and outdoor amenities they need most to enhance their living experience.”

During the previous project resident input led to a number of changes such as dog stations and outdoor lighting installations. After initial successes, the company is now looking for new locations to apply the Collaborative Building Programme in America.

Around seven to ten community members are chosen to represent residents during the programme, with other residents given times to offer feedback. The US Congress brought in the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) in 1996 to create partnerships with the private sector to improve housing for military personnel and increase the quality of life for residents.

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