21 Nov 2017

BAE Systems to helm USS Tortuga upgrade on behalf of the U.S. Navy

BAE Systems has been contracted to carry out a comprehensive $139.8M modernisation of the USS Tortuga on behalf of the U.S. Navy.

The USS Tortuga will soon undergo a 16 month restoration at BAE Systems’ Norfolk shipyard in Virginia. Within the contract there are further options that, if exercised, will raise its total worth to $183.7M.

BAE Systems will begin work aboard the 610 foot long Whidbey Island class vessel in January 2018, with a combination of maintenance, modernization and repair works planned. By the time May 2019 arrives, USS Tortuga will again be ready for operational duty.

“Our employees and subcontractors look forward to working with the Navy to perform the deep modernisation work to ensure the Tortuga remains a very capable amphibious combatant ship,” said Dave Thomas, Vice President and General Manager of BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair.

“Our previous experience with the ship and the outstanding skills of our employees and subcontractors will help us to return the ship back to the fleet in great shape.”

The USS Tortuga was originally commissioned in November 1990. It has since become part of the U.S. Navy’s LSD/CG-class modernization programme, during which the vessel underwent a period of modernisation to remove any obsolete or legacy equipment and structures.

Now, with receipt of the USS Tortuga and several smaller maintenance contracts in hand, BAE Systems intends to bolster its Norfolk workforce by almost 100 full-time positions. The shipyard currently employs around 870 people.

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Image courtesy of jiawangkun / Shutterstock.com

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