08 Feb 2018

BAE Systems renews US Air Force obsolescence management contract

BAE Systems will continue to provide support services to the US Air Force as part of a three-year, $37 million contract to manage obsolete aircraft components and weapon systems, in addition to a range of electronics and equipment.

Remarkably, the company has held the keys to the prized US Air Force contract with the Strategic Alternative Sourcing Programme Office for eight years.

BAE Systems’ Advanced Component Obsolescence Management (AVCOM) helps users predict when their parts and platforms will become obsolete, while also assisting logistics supply – helping managers to identify when more suppliers are needed, for instance.

For the US Air Force, AVCOM has reduced sustainment costs, while helping to mitigate the potential knock-on effects of part unavailability or obsolescence.

“We help our customers anticipate, manage, and sustain any system, to maximize its effectiveness throughout its life cycle,” said Al Whitmore, President of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector.

“AVCOM offers assurance that the parts and raw materials Air Force personnel need are available, and it gives them ample time to address potential risks of shortages before problems arise.”

AVCOM has supported a number of Air Force programmes related to obsolescence management since 1991. This latest award will be performed at BAE Systems facilities in Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Utah, and will support Air Force operations worldwide.

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Image courtesy of Jordan Tan / Shutterstock.com

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