15 Aug 2017

BAE Systems bid for SEA 5000 Future Frigate programme

BAE Systems has officially launched its bid to helm the Australian government’s hugely ambitious SEA 5000 Future Frigate programme.

The successful bidder will partner up with the Australian government to develop a long-term ship building strategy, with nine Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates currently proposed for the Royal Australian Navy.

BAE Systems has pitched the Global Combat Ship-Australia, a variant of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship which the Royal Navy recently commissioned.

Crucially, the SEA 5000 bid is a joint UK / Australia effort to ensure knowledge and experience from the Type 26 programme carries over to its Australian offshoot.

Nigel Stewart, Maritime Business Development Director for the organisation, said: “BAE Systems is proud to have submitted its response to the Australian government for the SEA 5000 program. By combining the formidable capability of our Type 26 anti-submarine warfare frigate with the heritage and skills we have in Australia, we are sure we can offer a proposition to the government that is both transformational and compelling.

“Our commitment is to establish a world-class ship building capability in Australia that will build Australian ships with an Australian work force. The opportunity we will bring to Australia through SEA 5000 is unique. It offers us the chance to collaborate across the company by sharing our expertise and experience, transferring embedded knowledge from one market to benefit another.

“In addition, BAE Systems is committed to representing Australia in the global marketplace, helping grow Australia’s export opportunities and opening up new markets for Australian industry through our global supply chain.”

The Type 26 is digitally designed from bow to stern, enabling BAE Systems to substantially ‘de-risk’ construction for the Royal Navy. The defence giant now looks to bring those same benefits to the Royal Australian Navy.

BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive Glynn Phillips concluded: “BAE Systems has over 3,500 people already working in Australia, a fully mature supply chain of over 1,600 Australian SMEs and we have a proud history of over 60 years working in partnership with the Australian government as a trusted supplier. Deepening that partnership through selection on SEA 5000 would be a privilege that we are ready and excited to deliver.”

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