13 Oct 2017

BAE Systems Australia issues a call to action for the next generation

BAE Systems Australia has issued a call to action urging university goers across the country to consider an exciting career in the defence sector.

With a wide variety of high profile defence projects either in the works or on the horizon, Australia must tap into the next generation of talent if it is to deliver on its defence aspirations.

Each project has the potential to generate hundreds of job opportunities for university graduates, with a host of skills and experience on offer. SEA 5000 alone will require the construction of nine Future Frigate for the Royal Australian Navy.

A pipeline of young talent is essential then, and BAE Systems is now looking to engage with Australia’s student population at universities across the country and introduce them to the many career opportunities up for grabs in the defence sector.

This roadshow will provide students with an early opportunity to hear first-hand what BAE Systems is all about, from career development opportunities to roles available now and those expected to open up in the very near future.

What’s more, BAE Systems is committed to creating 1,000 graduate and apprenticeship places, should it win the much-coveted SEA 5000 contract.

Australia’s current and future generation of engineers, designers, project managers and professionals will deliver SEA 5000 over the coming decades, with support from apprentices in the steelwork, mechanical, electrical and technical trades.

Glynn Phillips, Chief Executive of BAE Systems Australia, said: “We are involved with a range of activities to engage with students. We have been working with key universities and educational institutions for many years to ensure that defence is on a students’ list of future career options.

“We’re undertaking the roadshow now because it an ideal time of the year to engage with students who are considering career opportunities after graduation.”

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