14 Oct 2014

Armoured vehicle upgrades likely to be worth billions

Summary: The Governments of the UK and France have indicated that recently announced modernisation contracts will revamp both countries’ armoured vehicle fleets.

The deals are expected to revitalise the defence industry and will be worth billions to both economies.

In the UK, the MOD has awarded a contract to build a family of Scout specialist armoured vehicles, including a reconnaissance machine for the British Army. General Dynamics UK has won the contract to provide 589 units, thought to be worth £3.5bn.

The initial batch of units is set to be constructed in Spain. However there could be an option to move construction to the UK in future.

British Defence Procurement Minister Philip Dunne said: “The first 100 vehicles are being assembled in Spain. We have an option to assemble the rest in the UK and we have asked General Dynamics to scrub the numbers and look at that.”

In France, the recently announced Scorpion project aims to deliver a reconnaissance and combat vehicle as well as a troop carrier.

The 248 individual vehicles will be completely modern and heavily equipped. Overall, the contract is expected to be worth EUR1.1bn.