27 Jun 2017

Alcon launches brake upgrade kits for armoured variants

A UK-based acclaimed motorsport brake and clutch company, has launched brake upgrade kits for the global defence and security market.

Designed for Ford’s F550 and Chevrolet’s Suburban HD, these kits allow OEM’s and vehicle modification companies to overcome the challenges faced when adding armour, and thus significant extra weight to the platform.

The newly launched brake kits both feature custom-designed six piston iron calipers and larger discs on both front and rear axles. The kits are compatible with the stock OEM actuation so are easy to fit but they have also been fully “militarised” with the inclusion of: high-temperature seal material; wiper seals on every piston for dirt exclusion; pad push-back springs for optimum off-road wear resistance; acid zinc finish for maximum corrosion protection and inboard bleed screws to increase tamper-proofing. Fully tested, the kits allow the customer to run the modified Ford F550 at up to 11,000 kg and the Suburban at 6,500kg (Gross Vehicle Mass).

Alcon already offers similar kits for a range of other platforms and is happy to provide bespoke kits is an ‘off the shelf’ version is not available.

A non-tradition defence supplier, Alcon has managed to firmly establish itself in sector. Successes have seen Alcon braking solutions sought out by Special Forces vehicle manufacturers and key defence players such as Supacat, BAe, Ricardo, and Jankel.

Jonathan Edwards, Sales Director at Alcon said: “Defence, security and VIP vehicles rarely become less heavy once modified and our braking solutions solve the immediate problems that OEM’s and vehicle modification companies experience during the modification process”.

He added: “Our newly launched kits offer the defence and security sector off the shelf solutions that are fully compliant with the challenging requirements demanded by such specialist users. In doing so, our motorsport experience allows us to offer the very best performance and our automotive production experience allows us to deliver value for money to our customers.”


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