08 Oct 2019

Aish Technologies appoint new Managing Director

Dorset-based defence technology solutions provider Aish Technologies has appointed Naval specialist Ric Elkington as its new Managing Director.

Mr Elkington has been promoted to MD from his previous role as Head of Naval for both Aish and sister company Aeronautical General Instruments (AGI).

Having served 21 years in the Royal Navy, Mr Elkington then joined BAE Systems where he was Head of Naval Combat Systems Business Development. Whilst at BAE he was responsible for ensuring the Type 26 Global Combat Ship was chosen by the Royal Canadian Navy as its new design for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) in February 2019.

Mr Elkington is delighted to assume the new role of MD for Aish, as he feels the time is right for the company to move forward with the next step of its growth programme: “We have seen a lot of change at the company over the last 18 months, including the integration of Aish into the AGI Holdings Group of companies, and there is a requirement now for a clear leadership structure that will be responsible for implementing our ambitious growth programme in the future”.

Within the company growth programme, he is keen to stress one aspect of Aish’s current capability: “We will be making some changes to our operational processes, to improve our productivity and focus on our core business strengths.

“This will in some cases enable us to reduce some of our lead times from months to weeks, which can only be good news for our customers. We are also investing in some of our advanced manufacturing toolsets, to improve our 3D modelling capability and also our handling of products within the assembly area.”

image courtesy of Aish Technologies

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