Administrative and General Management Consulting Services, at Various Locations in Asia and Pacific-Rim

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Administrative and General Management Consulting Services, at Various Locations in Asia and Pacific-Rim

Department of the Army

Official Address:
P. O. Box 6898 JBER AK 99506-6898

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Jonathan C. Roddy, Mr., Email


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Contract Description:
Sources Sought: W911KB-19-R-0033
Title: Administrative and General Management Consulting Services, at Various Locations in Asia and Pacific-Rim

Classification Code: R NAICS Code: 541330
Response Date: 21 June 2019, 2:00 pm

Points of Contact

Contract Specialist: Jonathan Roddy
Phone: (907) 753-2894
Fax: (907) 753-2544

The government is starting the procurement process for Administrative and General Management Consulting Services to be performed at various locations in Asia and the Pacific-Rim. There is currently no solicitation for this synopsis. This is a sources sought synopsis only seeking information of potential small business and large business firms that have an interest in submitting a proposal as a prime contractor for this work. Information received in relation to this notice will be used to assist the government in developing overall acquisition strategy to include type and number of contracts and contract amount. The government is currently contemplating the award of multiple Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts on both a fixed price and cost reimbursement basis. In addition the government intends to award contracts as under an Unrestricted (Full and Open) solicitation.

Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Type (IDIQ) contracts consisting of a 3-year base period.
More than one contract is anticipated; up to five (5) contracts are planned to be awarded with a Not to Exceed (NTE) aggregate contract value of $9,000,000 over three years. The contract amount of $9,000,000.00 will be shared by the successful offeror(s). There will be a minimum guarantee amount for the base period. Contracts will be awarded concurrently. This Indefinite Delivery contract(s) is being procured in accordance with FAR Subpart 36.

Description: To primarily support Civil Works, Military Construction, Environmental Remediation and Humanitarian Assistance and initiatives undertaken by the Department of Defense and other U.S. Government interests. Services include a broad range of activities for
U.S. funded project development services including; planning and controlling services, project facilitation, review and analysis with performance of due diligence. Quality assurance and financial and management oversight of design and construction services could be required. Types of services required may include site investigations, remedial investigations, preliminary assessments, studies, reports, inspections, topographic surveys, hydraulic and geotechnical investigations, cost estimating, value assessments, anti-terrorism force protection analyses, concept documents, final documents, and construction phase services. Services may also include project management, safety reviews, highway and bridge analysis, economic analysis, environmental studies, planning studies, training minor construction, performing quality assurance and quality control, and other pertinent work including incidental services during project design and construction, construction support and construction management. Designs will be ancillary services. Services may involve environmental compliance services such as, but not limited to, reports for wetlands, threatened and endangered species, sensitive species, cultural resources, socio-economic effects, hazardous materials, wildlife and fisheries, water quality, land use, agricultural use, floodplain, environmental justice, cumulative and indirect effects, mitigation of impacts, planning, and coordination of public involvement meetings and hearings; preparation of reports and decision making documents. Services may be for facilities, water resource related projects, environmental restoration projects, environmental remediation projects infrastructure systems for facility-related site utilities and grounds, site planning and design, landscaping, and roads and bridges. Services may include requirements for facility-related special studies including specialized structural load analysis related to force protection and anti- terrorism, fire protection and underground storage tank removal and replacement. Work on the contract may involve unique planning, construction, environmental, and cultural issues related to work throughout Asia and the Pacific-rim.

While most work will primarily occur within the Pacific-Rim and Asia, the Pacific-Rim encompasses the entire Pacific Rim including Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Guam, and Indochina. The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is applicable for Korea and Japan.

The NAICS Code for this effort is 541330 Engineering Services (size standard 4.5 Million). The solicitation will issued as Requests for Proposals (RFP) using the Best Value Source Selection approach.

As stated above, the Government will use the information provided by interested offerors to determine our overall acquisition strategy. In response to this notice interested offerors should submit a capability statement (10 pages or less) in written format. The preferred method of response is via email to all Points of Contact (POC’s) listed in this notice.

Please insure your capability statement includes the following:
(1) Summarize how your company is uniquely capable and qualified to handle remediation services;
(2) Summarize projects completed similar to the projects outlined above. The list of relevant projects shall include the total cost and duration of the projects;
(3) Provide bonding capacity per contract and aggregate capacity;
(4) Business status;
(5) Capability and experience in doing cost reimbursement contracts; and (5) Experience and desire to perform work outside Alaska in the POD region.

Capability Statements shall be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than the date and time listed in this notice. At a later time the government will issue a draft solicitation for industry comment. Questions shall be directed to Points of Contact listed in this notice.

Response Date:

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