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If you haven’t had prior experience with the public sector, our sister brand, “Supply2Gov,” is an excellent resource for beginners in tendering. Supply2Gov, the foremost tender alerts service in the UK, assists you in navigating the public procurement market. With complimentary access to opportunities within your preferred local area and the Tender Ready Toolkit as a standard offering, S2G equips you with everything necessary to embark on your procurement journey. Find out more >

To safeguard your organization against 80% of common cyber attacks, “Cyber Essentials” is an ideal solution. Backed by the government and supported by the industry, Cyber Essentials aids businesses in defending themselves against the escalating threat of cyber attacks. It also outlines the fundamental controls that organizations should implement for protection. Find out more >

If you require procurement training and consultancy services, BiP Solutions’ “Procurement Advice and Support Service (PASS)” specializes in catering to the needs of both public and private sectors throughout the UK and overseas. Their team of knowledgeable consultants possesses extensive experience in the public sector and its regulations. Find out more >

Complementing BiP’s existing services that help you discover opportunities, “Cadence Marketing” allows businesses to target their ideal audience in the public and private sectors, facilitating business growth. Through a combination of comprehensive B2B and B2G contact databases and managed marketing services, Cadence Marketing enables you to engage with buyers earlier, generate leads for your sales teams, and conduct invaluable market research surveys. Discover how we can benefit your business today >

“Defence Online” serves as a platform that connects the Defence community, providing valuable insights, intelligence, and opportunities. Register today to stay up to date with the latest developments in Defence and gain free access to restricted content.

For organizations seeking new business prospects, “UK Construction Online” offers unique and innovative pathways to enter the market. Ensure that your organization capitalizes on potential opportunities in this high-value sector. Join UK Construction Online today and stay ahead of the competition.

“Health Online” is the foremost online community in the UK dedicated to healthcare, comprising healthcare professionals and key healthcare suppliers. It delivers timely and pertinent content and news stories from the healthcare industry. Register today for free access to insights into the health sector.

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