06 Jan 2016

£4bn boost for Scottish infrastructure

The Scottish Government’s 2016-17 Draft Budget has pledged around £4 billion infrastructure investment over the next year. This investment will be spent on house building, transport and digital links, among other projects.

This won’t just benefit those in construction, it will benefit defence/R&D suppliers like you, because you have the transferable technology needed to improve infrastructure.

Transferrable technology is expertise that can be applied to multiple situations, such as both defence and civilian projects.

Some of the transferrable technologies which will help deliver the Scottish infrastructure investment include: Cybersecurity, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Scottish Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown said: “This is a Budget to improve infrastructure and increase house building by a total of some £4 billion, and as such it as a Budget to invest in protect and extend our economic recovery.

“We have long placed considerable emphasis on public sector investment in infrastructure to stimulate economic recovery and that is what has driven much of the post-recession growth in Scotland. This Budget supports that continued growth through improving infrastructure and investing in housing to ensure all Scots can benefit from these opportunities.”

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Seizing these opportunities

With transferrable technologies again in the spotlight, now is the time to ensure that your business is well prepared to optimise the opportunities available.

This means getting a heads-up of these opportunities as soon as possible; giving you the first-mover competitive advantage.

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