2019 AFLCMC/WL Pitch Day – Commercial Solutions Opening

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

2019 AFLCMC/WL Pitch Day – Commercial Solutions Opening

Department of the Air Force

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2275 D Street Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7218

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Eric Johnson, Contracting Officer, Phone 9377130149, Email


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Contract Description:
The over-arching strategy of the CSO involves the use of a closed, one step CSO which spans the critical innovative technologies needed by the Mobility (MATAC) Directorate to improve the sustainment of new and mature aircraft which must remain in service for the next 10 to 45 years. The PEO of the MATAC directorate will be conducting a Pitch Day on 14 November 2019 as a method to review innovative technologies and prototypes across several broad focus areas within the MATAC Directorate.

AFLCMC/WL (MATAC) is soliciting technical and price proposals on any of the following research efforts:

 Improve sustainment of new and mature MATAC aircraft (must include, but not solely for, C-130J) which must remain in service for the next 10 to 45 years. Some of these aircraft could be long past the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design life or designed operating environment. Support such as, but not limited to, additive manufacturing for creating and fielding replacement parts, means to incorporate DevSecOps into system software fielding and maintenance, incorporating cybersecurity into realtime systems, tools for assessing the security of realtime systems in a cyber contested environment, realtime system health monitoring for crew and maintenance use, etc. Note: DevSecOps is defined as “improvement of the lead time and frequency of delivery outcomes through enhanced engineering and DOD security practices; promoting a more cohesive collaboration between Development, Security, and Operations teams as they work towards continuous integration and delivery.”

 Software and/or cyber tools for modification and analysis of real-time embedded aircraft systems and subsystems ((must include, but not solely for, C-130J). Many tools exist for non real-time, computer/IT systems for software installation, update, cyber-security analysis, etc., however: the tools to support development, modification and cyber security assessments of embedded, hardware dependent systems are needed. Desire static and dynamic tools that will support assessments of the software and hardware system. At a minimum, tools should ID the vulnerabilities, how they are manifested in the system, location within the code or hardware and implications to other connected systems. Dynamic tools should have a small enough footprint to minimize impacts during system execution. Tools should support the expedited resolution or isolation of system vulnerabilities directly or indirectly as well as support the development new or sustainment of existing embedded systems.

 The use of technologies and sensors for utilization in such areas as predicting parts replacement, formation and monitoring of corrosion, or increasing the efficiency of maintaining an aging aircraft (must include, but not solely for, C-130J).

 Stronger, and more durable components for aircraft than are in use today; thereby increasing aircraft range and capability for global operations (must include, but not solely for, C-130J).

 Methods for adding new capabilities to existing aircraft without major modifications to the fuselage and empennage to include implementing open systems architecture and incremental improvement processes (must include, but not solely for, C-130J).

 Support equipment and/or tools for MATAC aircraft (must include, but not solely for, C-130J) by means of lighter and stronger components in order to reduce maintenance time, costs and deployment payloads.

 Methods and/or tools for the capture and maintenance of electronic and physical systems models needed to meet MATAC (must include, but not solely for, C-130J) Model-Based Systems Engineering requirements; to include but not be limited to Digital Thread/Digital Twin. Concurrency with long-term modification programs must be addressed.


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