18 Oct 2018

Viasat showcases advances in secure, battle-ready cloud-based applications

Viasat has announced the availability of secure cloud-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications over the Company’s global satellite communications (SATCOM) architecture and line of sight (LOS) tactical network technologies for warfighters on the move.

At the recent Association of the United States Army conference in Washington, DC, Viasat completed a successful connectivity demonstration focused on bringing access to advanced cloud capabilities to the tactical edge. The demo, which was attended by a number of representatives from the US Army, showed how Viasat’s SATCOM architecture and LOS tactical network can provide a holistic communications solution by integrating Link 16, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking, Wi-Fi and LTE technologies to significantly enhance situational awareness at the tactical edge and fulfill emerging US government concepts of operation.

Viasat will provide ubiquitous and secure SATCOM required to access cloud-enabled military applications via its Hybrid Adaptive Network (HAN) concept. The HAN provides access to the Company’s SATCOM innovations such as active cyber defense, layered resiliency and elite satellite capacity to support a range of operations requiring internet of battlefield things (IoBT) and cloud-based applications.

Ken Peterman, President, Government Systems, Viasat, said: “Viasat is partnering with global cloud computing leaders to bring advanced AI and machine learning-based operational capabilities to the warfighter—from predictive analytics and media rich intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data to prescriptive outputs.

“Through Viasat’s modernised end-to-end communications network, we will empower warfighters with advanced data-driven insights and operational capabilities that will allow them to make the most informed decisions possible -even in the fog of war.”

image © Viasat

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