09 May 2019

US DOD teams up with OPM to explore new online training

The new partnership between the Department of Defence (DOD) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) aims to reduce the cost of online training.

A new memorandum of agreement between the Defense Department and the Office of Personnel Management promises to reduce the cost of online training for defence employees and enhance the training experience. The two agencies signed the memo May 3, making OPM’s ‘USALearning’ program DOD’s partner as the ‘centralized source for training, education, and domain-specific expertise.’

As part of the agreement, DOD will centralize the creation, procurement and distribution for online learning and training programs for its employees. The partnership has already saved money and is expected to save a further $122million over the next five years.

Lisa Hershman, the DOD’s acting chief management officer, said: “Talking about the USALearning reform initiative is actually very exciting, the management agenda has prioritized three areas of reform: information technology modernization, data transparency and accountability, and the workforce of the 21st century. This reform initiative is one of those rare initiatives that addresses all three.”

“This is a pivotal step in becoming easier to do business with, and that’s usually thought of in terms of our customers and our constituents, but this is actually one that will greatly reduce the complexity for our employees.”

The partnership will help consolidate DOD learning technology software platforms, associated cloud server delivery platforms, licensing, and related training and education activities through the USALearning shared services centre. The partnership is expected to produce a DOD-wide common course catalogue and online access portal hosted by USALearning, as well as a DOD-wide common record repository.

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