21 Apr 2017

Submarine Dismantling Project – Market Engagement Day

Submarine Dismantling Project – Market Engagement Day

14 June 2017 – Rosyth

 The purpose of this notice is to inform the recycle market of a Market Engagement Day which the Ministry of Defence will host on 14 June 2017 introducing the Submarine Dismantling Project (SDP). The MOD is interested in seeking your views on this stage of the process to dispose of 27 of the UK’s defuelled, nuclear-powered submarines after they leave service with the Royal Navy; and on how this requirement might be best met. The session will provide you with the opportunity to tell us what you think as well as for the Project Team to give you some more background and details.


 The aim of the SDP is to deliver a safe, environmentally responsible, secure and cost-effective solution for dismantling 27 of the UK’s defuelled, nuclear-powered submarines after they leave service with the Royal Navy. The submarines will have all radioactive or radioactively contaminated materials removed prior to being conveyed to the recycler.

Market Engagement Day

This Market Engagement Day’s purpose is to ensure early market awareness of this opportunity, gauge market appetite, capacity and capability, and invite feedback to help inform MOD’s approach to the project, going forward. We will provide background on the current plans and assumptions, outline our requirements for the disposal, and outline a high-level project timeline. This event will focus primarily on HMS Swiftsure – the first vessel to be recycled in the dismantling programme. The submarine reactor plant and associated systems will have been fully removed before the vessel is released for final ship-breaking/recycling.

The outline agenda for the day is:

  • An introduction to the project, including background and main drivers.
  • Overview of the number and variety of vessels within SDP’s scope, including differences in size and complexity associated with individual class of submarine.
  • Indicative Timescales.
  • Submarine-specific security issues and constraints.
  • Salvage and Marine Operations presentation of transportation challenges and options.
  • Disposal Services Authority presentation on the Commercial process.
  • An opportunity to view on-board a laid-up submarine.

Due to the nature of the services being tested, only recycling yards based in the UK will be invited and only UK Nationals can execute all forms of the work included in the scope of the contract. Therefore, only companies in this position should register an interest in the day.

To attend the event please email DESLCSLS-DSA-Commercial@mod.uk to request an Application Form and for any clarifications regarding the content of this announcement or the event. Application Forms must be returned no later than Wednesday 10 May 2017 to be considered for attendance at the event.

 Date: 14 June 2017

Time: 9:00 am

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