23 Nov 2017


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Department of the Army

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Wesley Dale Dewar, Contract Specialist, Phone 2568955520, Email Wesley.D.Dewar@usace.army.ml – LASHONDA SMITH, BUSINESS ADVISOR/CONTRACT SPECIALIST, Phone 2568957795, Email LASHONDA.SMITH@USACE.ARMY.MIL


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This is a SOURCES SOUGHT notice. The Government is seeking to identify qualified business sources under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 541519 (Other Computer-related Services). The Small Business Size Standard is $27.5 million. This notice is for market research purposes only and IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) nor does it restrict the Government as to the ultimate acquisition approach. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response to this notice. Responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The Government does not intend to rank submittals or provide any reply to interested companies and responses will not be returned.


The Navy Systems Support Group (NSSG) has overall program management responsibility for the joint Facilities and Equipment Maintenance (FEM) system throughout the DoD and Civil Works Districts of the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as the Department of Energy (DoE) Naval Nuclear Laboratories. FEM is a highly configured, Service-Specific Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) product which is built on a software from the International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation. The NSSG Program Office is responsible for providing full program management support of the FEM application to multiple DoD joint Service customers as well as the DoE. This also includes the addition of a new customer from the Army/USACE/Navy community. The NSSG Office also has responsibility for the development, implementation, configuration management, and help desk support of the FEM applications for the DoD/DoE Services. Each Service has a unique corporate configuration of the FEM application that is specific to that agency/site/depot. The anticipated contract is for software development, implementation, maintenance, training, configuration management and help desk support of the FEM applications directly under the cognizance of the NSSG FEM Program Manager.

NSSG requires the contractor to provide technical support to help ensure continued success of the DoD FEM applications. All the FEM applications are GOTS products built on the asset management software, MAXIMO (See Note below). The technical support effort includes software development, classroom and over-the-shoulder user training, implementation support of the production application, data migration support, interface development, configuration management and help desk support and other activities such as facilitation of requirements meetings, user conferences, and other program management related meetings that support the development, implementation and maintenance of the FEM applications for each NSSG customer.

As new requirements are identified, the contractor will work closely with the NSSG FEM Program Office and the user communities of each Service to develop configuration changes and/or cost estimates necessary to support their business needs. In addition, the software configuration changes, the contractor will provide legacy data migration and user training necessary to assure a smooth transition from the existing configuration to the new configuration or from other existing applications to FEM. Any requirement for a local FTE (full-time) on-site contractor(s) or temporary on-site contractor(s) to complete a specific tasking should meet Information Assurance (IA) Work Force requirements (e.g., DoD 8570.1M or latest guidelines) for security clearance and/or certification, as necessary. In addition, contractors must complete any additional local training requirements including but not limited to Anti-Terrorism Level I training, OpSec Annual training, Nuclear Awareness training, etc.

Note: Items delivered as software releases (which includes but is not limited to Custom Code, Applications, Scripts, Extended Code, and all document deliverables) and all products produced for and provided to the Government via this requirement and past FEM contract vehicles are considered to be GOTS products and are property of the U.S. Government. Items that have been purchased to support the FEM effort, such as MAXIMO products and other commercial software, are proprietary products of the vendors who produce those COTS products.

The Government intends to procure this as a full and open acquisition. As a result, the Government is performing market research in order to determine if small businesses possess the capability to execute the requirements within this acquisition. Respondents need to indicate all small business designations (small business, 8(a), certified HUBZone and/or Service Disabled Veteran Owned, and woman owned). Interested small business firms who meet the capability requirements identified in this notice are requested to reply to this notice with a response to the Capability Questionnaire presented below. If no experience or capabilities are associated with a particular question, so indicate. Based upon small business responses received consideration will be given to defining what part, or all, of the acquisition will be set-aside for small business competition.


The FEM application software has been implemented at four (4) Naval Shipyards and associated Intermediate Maintenance Facility commands, the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC), three (3) Air Force Air Logistics Centers, five (5) Army Depots and Chemical Materials Agency of the Army, three (3) Army 88th Regional Support Command (RSC), thirty nine (39) Civil Works Districts of the Army Corps of Engineers, and five (5) Nuclear Lab Facilities. All the Services utilize the web-based version of FEM. The effort included in this contract is anticipating further expansion of the use of the FEM application in other business areas of the current user sites as well as new sites under the cognizance of the depot commands. Expansion of FEM utilization includes new customer initiatives as well as new activities. Also, as the Services migrate other key information technology systems to their enterprise applications, this effort will parallel those efforts with appropriate integration actions to support the best business decisions of each Service.

Each Service has a specific configuration of the GOTS product FEM that contains functionality not found in the out-of-the-box version of MAXIMO. Each Services configuration is also referred to as FEM. The specific configurations are described in Section 3 – Background Information, of the attached Performance Work Statement (PWS).


Interested firms should submit a document which furnishes information describing relevant demonstrated experience and qualifications in the following format: The submissions should be Times New Roman, font size 12 and should not exceed 10 one-sided, 8 ½” X 11″ pages. The submission will address all questions in the Capabilities Questionnaire and your ability to perform the services described herein, and in the attached PWS. Computer files must be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Word. Submit responses via email to email address FEM-TECH-SVCS@usace.army.mil, and copy to Wesley.D.Dewar@usace.army.mil. Submission shall be received no later than 4:30pm, CST, on December 1st, 2017.

NO HARDCOPY OR FACSIMILE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered. Questions concerning submissions should be directed to email address FEM-TECH-SVCS@usace.army.mil, and copied to Wesley Dale Dewar, Contract Specialist, at Wesley.D.Dewar@usace.army.mil). Personal visits for the purpose of discussing this announcement will not be scheduled. This notice is for market research purposes only and IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) nor does it restrict the Government as to the ultimate acquisition approach.


Note: Please respond to all questions as completely as possible.


1. Business Name: (Insert Business Name)

2. Business Address: (Insert Business Address)

3. Cage Code:

4. NAICS Code: Is your firm registered under NAICS Code 541519 for Other Computer-related Services?

5. Responsible Point of Contact: (Name, telephone and email)

6. Check All That Apply: Our firm is a

___ 8(a) Small Business
___ Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small business (SDVOSB)
___ HUBZone Small Business
___ Small Disadvantaged Business
___ Woman-Owned Small Business
___ Native American
___ Alaskan Native

___ Small Business
___ Large Business


1. Our firm will be proposing on this project as a:

___ Sole Contractor

___ Prime Contractor (if small business) – performing at least 50% of the work with subcontractor(s)

___ Prime Contractor (if small business) – performing at least 50% of the work with the following team member subcontractor(s) (Insert business name, business size, cage code, and work which will be subcontracted)

___ Joint Venture with (Insert business name, business size, and cage code). (See FAR subpart 9.6 for Government policy on teaming arrangements, as well as 8(a)Program regulations described in 13 CFR 124.513, HUBZone Program regulations described in 13 CFR 126.616, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Program regulations described in FAR 19.1403(c) and 13 CFR 125.15(b).)

___ Prime Contractor with a mentor protégé arrangement please provide the firm you currently have an arrangement with and the length of time, as well as the specifics about the experience of the prime and the subcontractor.


Please refer to the attached PWS when preparing answers to the questions below.

1. Please describe your technical experience/expertise in Report Writing for multiple MAXIMO configurations (BIRT), configuration management, VMware support, support for multiple operating systems (Windows, UNIX, Web Sphere, Red Hat, etc…), and maintaining support for multiple database versions/software configurations/peripheral equipment (HHTs, tablets, etc.).

2. Please provide your experience managing large DoD/DOE programs and compliance with their respective security requirements.

3. Please provide your experience with helpdesk support.

4. Please describe your ability and expertise to support the tasks listed in the attached PWS. Please include potential partnership arrangements if applicable.

5. Does your firm have the ability to work at the locations listed in Section 8 – Place of Performance, of the attached PWS? Are there any limitations on where you can work?

6. For a potential procurement, would your company consider participating in a solicitation that would award one (1) contract/order for each of the seven (7) supported FEM programs, each with a specific Service configuration, as is descibed in section 3 of the PWS? If no, please explain why not.

7. Is there a particular dollar value of a procurement that would be too low for you to prepare a proposal? If yes, what is that dollar value?

8. Is there a particular dollar value of a procurement that would be too high or involve too many facilities (as identified in section 8 of the PWS) for you to prepare a bid? If yes, what is that dollar value? If yes, how many are too many facilities?

9. If you were going to participate in providing a proposal where more than one (1) state and several facilities were involved, would you have to team or partner with another entity to perform the work? If yes, please explain why.

10. If awarded a contract, our company has the resources and is capable of performing and
delivering simultaneously under an IDC (please select one)

___ 1 order

___ 2-5 orders

___ 6-10 orders

___ 10+ orders


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