15 Jun 2017

Rheinmetall receives equipment orders from Austria

Austria’s Federal Ministry of the Interior has looked to Rheinmetall for new infantry equipment orders. This approval sees the company’s family of laser light module products, the VarioRay, rolled out to armed forces across the country.

In a contract worth €1M, some 580 VarioRay laser light module sets were ordered in the first quarter of 2017, for Cobra, the country’s crack counter-terrorism unit. While 2016 saw a further €1M order from the Federal Ministry of National Defence and Sport for 600 tactical laser light module (TLLM) sets for the Austrian Federal Army for the StG 77 assault rifle, and a further 164 TLLM sets for the MG74 machine gun.

Rheinmetall’s tried-and-tested laser light modules are a key means of enhancing the tactical effectiveness of small arms carried by soldiers and law enforcement officers, who use these versatile devices to detect, identify and mark targets. They feature various light sources, eg: white light, visible laser and infrared light. Rheinmetall laser light modules are in service with armed services and security forces around the globe, including the British Army and German Bundeswehr

A high-tech enterprise dedicated to the twin imperatives of security and mobility, the Rheinmetall Group is systematically expanding its family of laser light module products. The most recent additions are the new VarioRay LowProfile model and a matching separate weapon lamp.


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