12 Jun 2018

Microsoft sign up to the Armed Forces Covenant

Technology giant Microsoft has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant – becoming one of the biggest companies to do so.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.

At the signing, Microsoft made a number of pledges, including a commitment to develop the digital skills of veterans, preparing them for a career in technology.

The company will also encourage managers to interview every veteran application they receive, if they are qualified for the role and support the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership by providing insight into the skills required to pursue a career in technology.

Funds collected by Microsoft staff for military charities and collecting every year for the Royal British Legion Poppy Day will also be matched.

Microsoft has pledged to provide greater flexibility to employees who are serving in the reserves, allowing them two weeks paid leave so they can undertake annual reserve training.

By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, Microsoft joins over 2500 businesses and organisations across the country who are supporting veteran and reserve personnel.

Minister for the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster visited Microsoft’s UK Headquarters in Reading for the signing, where he met with staff currently serving in the reserves. He commented: “The fact that such a leading multinational company has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant demonstrates the support businesses have for our military personnel.

“We are continuously building on our cyber capabilities to ensure we are countering ever intensifying threats. And it is companies like Microsoft that we look to support and develop our Reservists to ensure we remain at the cutting edge.”

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