26 Mar 2018

KBR awarded $42 million Combat Water Supply System contract

The UK Ministry of Defence has contracted KBR to design, manufacture and distribute a Combat Water Supply System (CWSS), while also carrying out additional Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations (MRO) services.

KBR is being brought in to overhaul a water purification, storage and distribution system, specially designed to deliver potable and palatable water to UK Armed Forces. Once operational, KBR will provide fully integrated Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) through to 2025 with overall responsibility for the design, manufacture, testing and supply of each element of the CWSS.

“I am delighted we are working with KBR to deliver this critical capability to our land forces,” said Major General Colin McClean, Director Land Equipment for Defence Equipment and Support, the UK MOD’s procurement organization. “The Combat Water Supply System will ensure the availability of high quality water wherever we are in the world, drastically reducing our reliance on bottled water; saving money and lessening the environmental impact.”

The aim here is to deliver an end-to-end solution from source to eventual use. Specifically, CWSS will be required to purify water from various sources, test and assure water quality, store, distribute and issue water to doctrinally mandated volumes. During the contractor logistics support phase, KBR will also take responsibility for the maintenance of the CWSS capability to agreed readiness and availability levels.

“We are extremely proud of our long standing record in delivering operational support to the UK MOD,” said Jay Ibrahim, KBR President, EMEA. “This award is a reflection of the confidence that the MOD places in us to deliver critical operational infrastructure and is testament to the collaborative relationship that has been built over many years of working side by side with the UK’s Armed Forces.”

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