19 Oct 2018

Home Office selects WorldReach Software for digital enrolment deal

WorldReach Software has signed a multi-year contract with the UK Home Office for the provision of a smartphone-based digital enrolment capability.

The new digital service will allow identity verification to be done remotely using smartphone apps including ePassport chip reading and authentication, biometric facial matching and liveness detection.

WorldReach’s Know Your Traveller (KYT) platform is the basis for the digital services for identity verification under this contract. The G-Cloud 10 Framework was used for this multi-million GBP contract covering an initial period of two years plus two additional option years to support the EU Exit Settlement Scheme.

The Home Office is seeking to enhance and refine digital interactions with users, in accordance with the digital services agenda. Part of this journey is making greater use of emerging technologies including digital channels, smartphones and apps to improve the customer journey for individuals accessing Home Office services.

Much of the prototyping and testing for this identity verification platform came as a result of Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) CSSP co-funded innovation projects. These projects included collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and WorldReach.

The technology demonstration projects showed how remote identity verification can be applied to immigration and border management to provide better risk assessment and screening of low risk travellers throughout the entire travel continuum. Digital identity verification including a trusted biometric is a key component of seamless travel initiatives to enhance both facilitation and security.

Gordon Wilson, President of WorldReach, said: “We are extremely proud to be selected for this innovative digital enrolment capability for a new and important Home Office programme.

“The KYT platform is purpose-built for applicant enrolment and identity verification using trusted document authentication, and will be applied to the Home Office’s digital services delivery.”

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