11 Jan 2018

DIO launches commercial strategy for working with industry

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has launched its commercial strategy outlining its vision for future methods of working with suppliers in the soft and hard facilities management, construction and property advisory sectors.

DIO, working on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, currently spends around £3 billion per year buying infrastructure services to allow defence personnel to live, work, train and deploy across the UK and overseas.

Developed in consultation with industry partners, the strategy seeks to transform the way DIO does business by providing information on the types of opportunities available to prospective suppliers and outlines plans to create and sustain a competitive market.

A key focus of the strategy is the importance of a broad and more diverse supply base to increase value back to the taxpayer by generating wider competition. DIO aims to raise supplier numbers and create a truly competitive supply base, which offers greater opportunities to small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger suppliers.

As a main infrastructure client, DIO will engage with industry by sharing pipeline information well in advance of planned procurements to help shape the market, drive innovation and invigorate and maintain a diverse portfolio of suppliers. In turn, it is envisaged this will support economic growth nationally and in the regions by giving businesses certainty to recruit and retain staff.

Graham Dalton, DIO’s Chief Executive said: “The publication of this strategy, in anticipation of the updated 2018 DIO Procurement Plan, marks an important moment for DIO. We realise that we have not been the easiest organisation to do business with in the past and we are dedicated to changing that.

“This strategy sets out our intent to broaden our supply base, and for our existing and prospective suppliers to have the confidence to work with us. We will work in an open and constructive way to deliver innovative and value for money services that meet the requirements of defence and the armed forces.”

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