19 Dec 2018

Cyber Shield 2018 puts focus on drone data security

The second edition of “Cyber Shield: facing the threat”, a cyber security contest organised by Leonardo’s Security Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), has taken place at the Company’s facility in Rome.

The annual competition sees teams of critical infrastructure operators from international companies, government, military and financial institutions take part in simulated reconstructions of real cyber incidents. The contest aims to improve the defensive skills of participants and bolster their readiness to face cyber-attacks, as well as providing a forum to share technical expertise and procedures and boost teamwork.

The event saw 21 teams from four countries faced with 50 exercises covering all aspects of cyber security: steganography, mobile and drone forensics, software reverse-engineering, password cracking and log analysis, divided into 10 levels of increasing difficulty.

The scenario at Cyber Shield 2018 was a first in the cyber training domain, featuring a group of criminals electronically stealing data that had been gathered by a drone. This new scenario added an extra level of challenge for the 21 four-member teams who took part. European and US companies participated remotely and representatives from governmental, military and financial institutions attended as observers.

Leonardo has detected a 110% increase in cyber-attacks from 2016 to 2018, leading to an increase in demand for expert-level training.

The Cyber Shield event provided an opportunity for operators to prepare to protect the technological and intellectual property of their organisations both civil and military, as well as fostering collaboration and a shared approach to security.

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