11 Jul 2018

Cranfield University signs MOU to tackle future air power challenges

Cranfield University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Hellenic Air Force Electronics & Telecommunications Depot (ETHM) to address research challenges around the future of air power.

The agreement, signed at the British Embassy in Athens, provides for cooperation in training, education and applied research and development initiatives in aeronautical, mechanical, electronics and electrical engineering and material science.

ETHM will work with Cranfield Defence and Security to propose areas for master’s-level research, and support with mentoring for students.

Dr Simon Harwood, Director of Cranfield Defence and Security said: “We’re delighted to sign this MOU with ETHM which will give our students the opportunity to gain insight from those currently working on the front line of air defence in Greece and within NATO. 

“It is also an example of how Cranfield’s unique set of capabilities, expertise and facilities can be harnessed to make a real-world difference, and in this case, address some of the fundamental challenges facing the military aviation sector.” 

Wing Commander Konstantinos Zikidis, Deputy Commanding Officer, ETHM, said: “Air power is continuously evolving with more advanced sensors and effectors, autonomy and weaponry. This agreement embodies our shared aspirations in defence and security research and education, bringing together scientists, engineers, and aircrew to develop ideas into practical solutions.”

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