21 Mar 2017

Britain and Germany to sign new defence deal after Article 50 triggered

The Prime Minister Theresa May has signalled her intention for Britain to maintain close security ties with Europe following the triggering of Article 50 next week by signing a new defence pact with Germany.

Mrs May is keen to stress to other EU leaders that Britain will continue to play a significant role and cooperate on defence issues such as training, cyber security and maritime patrols.

The Ministry of Defence said it was working with Germany on a “joint vision statement on future co-operation”.

Speaking to the Financial Times, the German defence ministry commented: “Independent of the effects of Brexit, Great Britain remains a strong partner and ally in NATO and also bilaterally.”

Last week, President Trump criticised German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, following her visit to the White House for a failure to increase spending on defence and leaving a heavy burden on the United States to ensure security in Europe.

NATO members are required to spend a minimum of 2% of their GD on defence but only five NATO members – the United States, Greece, UK, Estonia and Poland – meet this obligation. Germany currently spends only 1.19%.

Mr Trump urged other NATO members to increase their defence spending as he announced he would increase America’s spending.

image © Charlie Bard / Shutterstock.com

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