14 Sep 2017

Babcock Showcases Arrowhead at DSEI 2017

Babcock has showcased Arrowhead, its new state-of-the-art general-purpose frigate at this year’s DSEI event.

The 120m Arrowhead is a further addition to Babcock’s portfolio of ships that also includes 50m inshore patrol vessels, and 70m and 90m offshore patrol vessels.

The vessel’s adaptable configuration acknowledges operational roles will change through the life of the ship with multiple mission bays incorporated into the design allowing for rapid reconfiguration and re-role to meet changing operational needs.

Arrowhead is designed to reduce through life costs by embedding key innovations such as real time equipment health monitoring during the build enabling information to be collected during deployment on the fitness of its systems to inform future service and maintenance arrangements.

With the vessel able to accommodate a variety of equipment choices, the frigate can be deployed for a broad range of roles from low threat security operations to task force deployments.

The Arrowhead design lends itself equally to either a single build strategy, or a cross–site build strategy bringing together modules – an approach used for aircraft carrier assembly at Rosyth.

Craig Lockhart, Managing Director Naval Marine, Babcock said: “Arrowhead is a game changing general purpose frigate for modern navies. Optimising Through Life Support costs is at the very core of the principles of Arrowhead’s design and build methodology, all balanced against the ability to deliver the required capability.

“In focusing Arrowhead’s development around a sustainable and capable design that will help to keep any fleet ‘mission ready’, Babcock has drawn upon its significant experience in vessel design and support for global clients”. 

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