31 May 2017

Aircraft production continues 2016 trend

Aircraft manufacturing has continued to match 2016 levels over the first quarter this year.

2016 was a manufacturing success for the industry, with the highest levels of aircraft production seen for the UK. With 406 aircraft already delivered this year, 2017 is set to follow the production pace set last year, maintaining a positive outlook for the UK aerospace sector.

An estimated value of £8bn to UK industry is the highest figure on record for January to April, with £5.5bn attributed to deliveries of 109 wide-body aircraft and a further £2.5bn to single aisle aircraft.

ADS Chief Executive Paul Everitt said: “Aerospace industry production continues to closely match the record figures achieved in 2016 and deliveries of completed aircraft are already worth £8bn to the UK economy this year.

“It is vital that to achieve further increases in production rates, we see investment in new technologies and processes to support a real boost in productivity, improving the ability of supply chains to meet high global demand.

“There are important choices to be made by the next Government on developing industrial strategy, supporting innovation and creating a world-leading business environment that could help the UK aerospace industry play an even greater role in this global market.”


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