31 Jan 2018

Airbus delivers enhanced Eurofighter to Spanish Air Force

The Spanish Air Force has taken receipt of the first two Airbus manufactured Eurofighter Typhoons to be configured with enhanced air-to-surface capabilities.

Factory-made on the Getafe Final Assembly Line in accordance with the P1Eb FW (Phase 1 Enhanced Further Work) configuration, the new aircraft signals a step change in the evolution of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Now, that same configuration is to be retrofitted into the existing aircraft of other nations. Airbus says this upgrade will offer “increased integration” with a variety of air-to-service weapon systems in addition to enhanced targeting.

It was the Spanish procurement agency DGAM which took delivery of the aircraft on behalf of the Spanish Air Force late last month. These were subsequently ferried to Albacete Air Force Base to enter into service.

According to Alberto Gutierrez, Operating Officer for Military Aircraft at Airbus: “The smooth introduction of these enhanced features is a vital element of Eurofighter’s evolution.

“It is a big tribute to the Airbus and Spanish customer teams that they achieved this on-time through effective collaboration and clearly demonstrates the rich manufacturing capability here at Getafe.”

DGAM Head of Aeronautical Systems General Léon Antonio Machés added: “The entry into service of these aircraft is the outcome of strong collaborative activity between our personnel and those of Airbus.

“It is an excellent illustration of the technical expertise that will support many more years of Eurofighter industrial activity in Spain.”

Six of the 73 aircraft currently contracted by Spain are to be delivered with the same P1Eb FW standard during 2018 and 2019.

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