Market Intelligence

When it comes to finding and winning contracts, knowledge is power.

With millions of content creators around the world and the ‘fake news’ epidemic causing confusion and doubt for media outlets, it can be hard for your business to determine what is true and what is false.

DCI Market Intelligence aims to deliver the accurate insights that your business needs. Find out more about our Market Intelligence service below.

Gain Access to Hundreds of Global News Sources

DCI customers have access to hundreds of news sources from across the world.

Whether you are looking for news about the public or private sector, our team of researchers will send you the relevant intelligence your organisation needs straight to your DCI profile.

Ensuring you are always on point with news globally that related to your industry.

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What is Market Intelligence

We track over 200 unique sources every day. We find the news that defence suppliers all over the world are looking for.

We publish stories on global politics, business and procurement.

This means our customers have access to the critical market information that they need to win defence tenders not only in the UK but across Europe and the rest of the world.

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Skilled Researchers

Quality is important to us, that is why we have a team of trained journalists looking for the information that is valuable to businesses like yours.

Our team update on a daily basis key information that will support finding and bidding for defence tenders.

Our company has for decades produced official guides, bulletins and publications for the UK Ministry of Defence, for other official agencies in the UK and for governments around the world – meaning we’re a trusted source of information.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Our service is designed so that your business is updated with the freshest defence news. Content is king and we aim to report only valuable and accurate news stories and coverage that will benefit your business.

Start with a free trial to see what market intelligence you could be missing out on.

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Benefits of DCI Market Intelligence

Grow your business with DCI. Our Market Intelligence tool can help defence suppliers find new markets and contacts that will be extremely valuable to your business. Market Intelligence will help you understand the competitive landscape of the defence procurement market, something which is truly worth investing in.

DCI Market Intelligence is user-friendly – we only send you information which is relevant to your business. This saves you time so that, instead of searching manually, we can help you access the intelligence you need, whenever you need it.

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Experts in Defence Procurement

We can spot information that is important to defence suppliers at a glance.

We are the only company that has been working with defence buyers AND suppliers for over 30 years.

Responsible and trusted to run some of the worlds largest procurement platforms and events.

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We work with businesses across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. If you are unsure of what package and tools are best suited to your product or service, our DCI Business Growth Advisor will tailor your demo to match the needs of your business.

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