29 Jun 2021

Inside Track: New Opportunities from the Integrated Review Part III: Equipment, Infrastructure and People

Over the past few months, we have seen the Government publish the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy; the Defence Command Paper – ‘Defence in a competitive age’ and the new Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS).

DCI has run a series of webinars examining how these closely related documents outline a new strategic approach to the UK’s defence and security industrial sectors, with the DSIS providing the framework for industry to achieve the ambitions of these strategies over the next decade.

The first part of the three-part series focused on the importance of the DSIS outcomes for the defence supply chain, while Part II included a panel format featuring key figures from DST, Dstl and DASA delving into highlights from the strategies with a focus on science, technology and innovation opportunities.

The third and final part will look at the emerging opportunities arising from the strategies in fields of equipment, infrastructure and people.

For businesses looking to engage with the vast opportunities available, the webinar will also touch on how DCI provides a combination of tailored information about opportunities in the defence and public sector marketplace and business intelligence, information and support to help suppliers succeed.

There will also be section on how DPRTE connects buyers and suppliers across the defence acquisition supply chain and provides a wealth of skills development, networking, collaboration and product showcase opportunities for organisations that are actively working with the defence sector or that are exploring ways to work across the UK’s £20bn defence procurement marketplace and beyond.