22 Feb 2017

How to Find and Win New Defence and Civil Business

The defence marketplace is certainly a sizeable and lucrative one. Businesses of all shapes and sizes win Ministry of Defence tenders every day and go on to build profitable relationships with some of the world’s leading public and private sector organisations.

Join our host, Scott Zonfrillo, Senior Business Development Manager at DCI, to discuss how to:

  • save time and effort finding and bidding for contract opportunities;
  • engage earlier with public sector buying authorities; and
  • get unrivalled insight and intelligence into the defence marketplace and the latest news and trends.

Scott has a decade of knowledge and experience in the defence marketplace, helping businesses of all sizes to grow their share of the market, not to mention his 10 years’ military service as an end user of defence procurement processes. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about the industry, so don’t miss out!