Download the DCI Guide to Early Engagement

Defence Contracts International (DCI) is a leading expert in defence procurement.
We host the largest database of defence tenders in Europe and have been supporting
buyers and suppliers in the defence industry to work more effectively together for over
35 years.

Are you seeking new procurement opportunities in defence within the public or private
sector? Are you looking to grow your defence business internationally? Do you want to
supply to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD)?

Your first step is to ensure your organisation is doing research around the procurement
process and where to find relevant contracts. The world of procurement can be
complex, so it is important to outline what your goals are as an organisation, and what
the benefits are of engaging with buyers.

This guide is designed to explore the key themes around the concept of early
engagement and how it can present a huge opportunity for businesses looking to grow
their share of the public and private sector defence markets.