25 Oct 2018

PA00106, Bechtel Elementary School, Camp McTureous, Okinawa, Japan

Type of document: Contract Notice
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PA00106, Bechtel Elementary School, Camp McTureous, Okinawa, Japan

Department of the Army

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KHRISTINA MATTHEWS-SANDOVAL, CONTRACT SPECIALIST , Phone 3156459041, Email KHRISTINA.M.SANDOVAL.CIV@USACE.ARMY.MIL – Shyloe Werner, Contracting Officer, Phone 315-645-4402, Email shyloe.a.werner.civ@usace.army.mil


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Sources Sought Market Survey
PA00106, Bechtel Elementary School, Camp McTureous
Okinawa, Japan


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan Engineering District (JED), Okinawa Area Office (OAO) is performing market research for a Design-Bid -Build (DBB) construction project titled: “PA00106, Bechtel Elementary School, Camp McTureous, Okinawa, Japan.” This announcement represents a market survey that is intended for preliminary planning purposes only. The purpose of this notice is to identify sources capable of performing this project and to receive responses from those firms to assist the Government’s acquisition planning. This survey does not constitute a commitment by the Government for any follow-on announcements, solicitation, or award. This is NOT a solicitation. The Government will not pay for any information provided as a result of this market survey. This market survey is intended for local sources only. Local sources are those sources physically located and licensed to conduct business in Japan. Firms interested and capable of performing this work are highly encouraged to submit a response (submission requirements are located within this notice).

Information about the project:

Project Title: Project Number PA00106, Bechtel Elementary School

Project Location: Camp McTureous, Okinawa, Japan

Project NAICS: 236220, Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Project Magnitude: Japanese Equivalent of Between $25,000,000 and $100,000,000;

Project Description: This project will construct, through renovation and new addition, an elementary school with functional areas containing neighborhood instructional spaces, special education spaces, staff collaboration spaces, commons area, multipurpose room, information center, physical education, art room, music room, administration suite, health suite, guidance counseling suite, special education suite, food service, janitorial workroom, maintenance support, school supply/storage area, technology service center, and other required areas for a fully functioning elementary school. Typical construction for new building addition is to consist of special deep foundation systems, reinforced concrete and structural steel framing and reinforced concrete bearing and shear walls. Interior construction will consist of reinforced concrete interior bearing and shear-walls, gypsum wallboard partitions, and operable / movable partition walls. The project is to renovate approximately 6550 square meters of the existing school facilities and construct a new addition of approximately 7525 square meters. The project will require demolition of approximately 4200 square meters of existing facilities.
Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) principles for high performance and sustainable building requirements will be included in the design and construction of the project in accordance with federal laws and Executive Orders. Low Impact Development will be included in the design and construction of this project as appropriate.

This project will provide Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) features, including design for progressive collapse and blast-rated windows and doors, and comply with AT/FP regulations, and physical security mitigation in accordance with DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings.

Project includes the construction within the school building of Designated Seismic Systems (DSS). DSS are those systems identified in the plans and specifications that must remain operable following a design earthquake. DSS have special requirements for certification(s) of the installed equipment of the DSS as well as Special Inspection requirements during construction. Project also includes other construction that requires Special Inspection of structural, architectural, electrical, and fire protection systems. Special Inspections are in addition to the standard Quality Control inspections required by the contract.
Facilities will be designed to provide cyber security engineering and validation as specified in DoD Unified Facilities Criteria.

Special foundation features are required due to poor near-surface subgrade soils capacity.
The project includes related infrastructure such as water, sewer, electrical, telephone, local area network, community access television systems, and provisions for interior and campus wireless access. The project includes site improvements such as site preparation, signage, fencing, paving, sidewalks, landscaping, exterior lighting, retaining walls, pedestrian bridges, canopies, covered walkways, play lots, play areas, outdoor learning, storm water, low impact development, and external AT/FP. Reconfigured parking area to include: staff and visitor parking areas, parent drop off lane, emergency/service access lanes, and loading/delivery areas.

The project will require hazardous material mitigation for all buildings to be demolished or renovated. U.S. Federal and Japan Environmental Laws and Regulations shall be followed. Asbestos containing materials and lead based paint are present in the existing facilities. The site is a known radon risk. Radon mitigation will be required.

The government anticipates the Period of Performance will be 42 months.

Procurement Method: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan District (POJ) anticipates the release of an Invitation for Bid (IFB) for this project. Any solicitations pursued will be intended for local sources only. Local sources are those sources physically located and licensed to conduct business in Japan.

All interested companies shall be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database in order to be eligible for award of Government contracts.

Firms which have not submitted Bidders Mailing List Applications to this office are requested to go to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Japan Engineering District, Contracting Division website: to download the Bidders Mailing List Application. Such firms shall be required to complete the aforementioned application and submit documents indicating they are registered with the Government of Japan to perform construction in Japan and possess both the necessary construction licenses and permits required to perform the requisite work identified in the solicitation. This documentation must be submitted prior to or at the time of bid/proposal submission to allow POJ to verify your company as a “Local Source.”

NOTE: Draft plans and specifications are being provided for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES. Offerors are cautioned that these drawings and specifications are in DRAFT FORMAT.

Submission Requirements for responses to this Market Survey:

Interested firms are requested to reply with the following information:

1. Name of your company, address, phone number, email, DUNS Number, CAGE Code, and English Speaking Point of Contact (POC) name.

2. Describe your firm’s capability and experience relative to the work described in the Project Description. Please provide information on comparable projects (for government or commercial customers) completed in the past six (6) years.

3. Describe your firm’s level of interest relative to all aspects of the work.

4. Identify your current construction bonding levels:

a. Per contract

b. Aggregate contract bonding level

5. Responses to the questions below directly relate to the project description, DRAFT drawings/plans, and DRAFT specifications.

a. Is the Contractor/Bidder knowledgeable about and able to perform the required subcontracted Special Inspections for Designated Seismic Systems and other work as described in the Project Description?

b. Will logistical issues, such as a constrained site with limited laydown areas prohibit or discourage you from pursuing this contract?

c. Based on the scope of work are there any specialty subcontractors or construction equipment that will need to be utilized for the project that present higher risk or general unavailability that might cause your company not to bid on the project? If so, please identify which specialty subcontractors and/or construction equipment presents the risk.

d. Are there any equipment/systems which may face lead times which may be problematic for a period of performance?

e. Are there any significant concerns/risks associated with the renovation work in the multiple existing facilities?

f. Does the anticipated Period of Performance seem feasible? If the Period of Performance is not deemed feasible please identify any risk factors for your assessment.

6. Any comments that will increase your level of interest and participation in this project.


Industry Day: USACE-JED will hold an Industry Day at 10:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time (JST) on November 19, 2018 at the USACE-JED, Okinawa Area Office, Building #364, Room #108.

Industry Day Participation: Companies are limited to four (4) attendees. Companies interested in attending the Industry Day must complete the attached gate/pass access form and include with your response. Responses should be sent via e-mail to Contracting Officer, Shyloe A. Werner at Shyloe.A.Werner.civ@USACE.Army.mil and Contract Specialist, Khristina M. Sandoval at Khristina.M.Sandoval.civ@USACE.Army.mil no later than 2:00 p.m. JST, on November 7, 2018.

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